Educational Mobile Games for Children

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Wee Pirate Christmas Screenshots

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Wee Pirate Treasures Screenshots

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Gameplay Description

Wee Pirate Treasures/Wee Princess Treasures and Wee Pirate Christmas/Wee Princess Christmas are educational iOS games that help with early childhood development, including shape recognition and fine motor skills.

Shape recognition is improved by identifying specific treasures that need to collected on each level. Fine motor skills are also developed by tapping on the treasures to collect them as they cascade down the screen.

The games are designed for children as young as 1 years old and entertaining through 5 years of age.

The games ask children to help the princess or pirate find their lost treasures by tapping them as they move down the screen.

There are dozens of beautifully illustrated princess treasures in the games, including tiara’s, gems, shoes, earrings, necklaces, dresses, wands, Christmas trees, stockings, ornaments, presents, reindeer, snowmen, snowflakes, and wreaths.

With each tap, the child receives feedback from the princess or pirate based on their action. The apps verbally congratulate the child when they tap the correct treasure, or the apps encourage them to try again if they didn’t tap the right one.

The games gets progressively more difficult in each level as more and more treasures need to be collected, and as the treasures cascade faster and faster down the screen.

There are an unlimited number of levels included in the games, so children can continue to be challenged as long as they wish!

Why We Created These Games

One day, our lead game designer & programmer Doug was at the pediatrician with his one year old daughter. The doctor made a comment about her fine motor skills and asked if he did anything special – but whatever it was, she encouraged that he keep doing it. He discussed with the doctor that he let her play with his iPhone and how that helps with fine motor skills and other areas of early childhood development.

Immediately Doug’s life-long passion for gaming was sparked, and he thought about developing his own game that his kids would enjoy. His oldest daughter decided the game would be about a princess (big surprise!) So, he went to work at night and on the weekends to make a game that would be fun for her to play, and maybe even continue to sharpen her motor skills.

After he finished the prototype, both of his children immediately loved it and also provided a lot of feedback and some ideas to make it better for other young kids.

Doug reviewed the princess game with his friend Eric – who’s oldest child is a boy – and immediately we were encouraged to also make a pirate version.

We used our own children as the voices for the princess and pirate in the game, and wow they did a great job!

We hope that all children enjoy the games as much as ours do.

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