Educational Mobile Games for Children

Wee Pirate and Princess Spelling

Be prepared for your reading adventures!
Wee Princess Spelling and Wee Pirate Spelling help children learn how to read and spell while having plenty of fun.
They are suitable for children as young as two years old, but they can educate and entertain kids several years into grade school!The challenge of the game is to find the letters that spell out given words as they drop from the top of the screen, and put them in the correct order before time runs out.
There are five different reading levels with 25 words each, all chosen in accordance with the US Common Code Standards.
At the beginning and end of each level, the words are spoken aloud to help your child with reading comprehension.
There are two versions of the app, “Wee Princess Spelling” for girls and “Wee Pirate Spelling” for boys. The girls’ app features a princess in a faerie tale backdrop, who uses a girl’s voice; in the boys’ app, it is a pirate on a beautiful island beach with a male voice.